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I’ve been depressed lately, and not because I’m confused about where my career is going, or because New York is an overheated hellhole, or because all of my friends are in meaningful, long-term relationships.

"You mean it," he said."Did I ever mention how I robbed a bank? When she didn't say anything he turned back to face her. "I think if you can rob a bank, I can survive a little parental disapproval of my dating choice," he said.

She let out a breath and he could see her throat bob as she swallowed."I know how important they are to you," she said.

I’d really not thought a lot about that until, channel surfing last Sunday, I happened across a Seahawks post-game show on KING and there was Gangel on the broadcast.

Interesting — Salinas covers her love interest and gets drummed into obscurity; Gangel covers hers and is named recently by Seattle sports columnist Jim Moore, (in the interest of full disclosure, a friend of mine), the sexiest female sports personality in Seattle.

The only way this makes sense is if the line that truly is blurred is the one between sportswriter and cheerleader.

As one of the former, I’d like to hope that really isn’t true.

“I’m not here to judge, especially since Gangel and Kerney are among the best and most likable people on the Seattle sports scene,” Brewer wrote. If you’re likeable, attractive and give good quote or sound bite, it’s a pass?