For Singles in Worcester, date ideas are plentiful, but the tricky part can be finding the right person to share them with.Whether you're more likely to spend your free time noshing your way through Shrewsbury Street, rowing the river, or dancing your way through the coolest new nightclubs, there is someone out there who will love sharing those experiences with you.It is bordered by Westford and Littleton to the north, Concord and Carlisle to the east, Stow, Maynard, and Sudbury to the south and Boxborough to the west. The town employs the Open Town Meeting form of government with a Town Manager and an elected, five-member Board of Selectmen.

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• Take to the Water – If you're looking for a little more action in your day, picture sailing Regatta Point.

Rent a boat with a skipper, and spend your afternoon soaking in the sun as the snapping of the sails and the whoosh of the bow wave provide a relaxing soundtrack.

Plan your early dates carefully, and enjoy sharing the memories for years to come!

• Keep it Simple – Take a quiet morning stroll around the lush, green loop by Lake Quinsigamond.

Located in Central Massachusetts and being the state’s second largest city, Worcester has plenty of historical attractions and things to do no matter the season of the year.

Once considered its own region entirely for centuries, you’ll find that the city has plenty to offer tourists who are looking to get their history fix.

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