She fell head over heels for weddings in 2010 when she married the love of her life.

A few of her favourite things include: lace, peonies, travelling, yoga and Haribo cherries.

Often, there’s a song that’s almost perfect — then there’s that one verse that makes it borderline creepy. Frank Sinatra’s “I Wish You Love” is a great suggestion — if the first 30 seconds are cut.

Just click the ‘play’ buttons on each of the videos to listen to them right here on the page. Bruce Springsteen – “When You Need Me” #1 I do like a bit of Bruce Springsteen.

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Photo by Clarence Chan Photography via Bridal Musings For those of you reading whose dads have passed away or are not in your life anymore, I’m truly, truly sorry for your loss.

It must be unbelievably hard tackling these wedding traditions.

Debate continues over the australopithecines, but close examination of the dentition and jaws, the position of the foramen magnum, the upper body bones, the rib-cage and waist, the arm, hand and phalanges, the pelvis, hip and thigh, the legs, knees and feet, and the ankle joint not only shows that they were not bipedal, but that they were probably the ancestors of today’s great apes, the chimpanzees and gorillas.

The habilines likewise have been difficult for the palaeoanthropologists to classify as a uniform group, because the evidence clearly shows that they were variants of the australopithecines and not a separate taxon within the genus Various camps in the field of human historical study have manipulated or distorted (probably unconsciously) the facts about the australopithecines and habilines to suit their own particular viewpoints, and consequently their own fame, fortune and standing in the scientific community, plus the very generous taxpayer-funded research grants available.

You might choose to dance with your step-dad, mum, grandfather, uncle or friend instead or you could always simply share a first dance with your new husband/wife and then get down to the partying!

That’s what we did and no one batted an eyelid, I’m sure they were happy to get back to the bar and start busting their own moves on the dancefloor!

[Journal of Anthropological Archaeology -61.]Sampling Issues in Evaluations of Diet and Diversity: Lessons from Diablo Canyon. [In Maritime Adaptation and Seaside Settlement along the Pacific Coast of North America during the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition, edited by Jim Cassidy, Robert Ackerman, and Irina Ponkratova, pp. [Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology -31.]Report on the Vertebrate Fauna from CA-STA-207, Central Diablo Range, Stanislaus County, California: Evidence for an Upland Adaptation with Long-Term Stability in the Central Diablo Range (SCA Proceedings - PDF].