It became a process of "when" she'd land a role, not "if".

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Within six months of Murphy Brown's emotional close, Faith headed a shortlived season with ABC's Maggie Winters, before deciding to take some time to smell the roses and examine her next acting steps.

Her marriage to screenwriter, Campion Murphy on the romantic cliffs of Clint Eastwood's Carmel, CA ranch was storybook and gave her plenty to do in her much deserved hiatus.

Only after they have fallen for each other do Susan and Josh find out what the other does for a living, and they are both convinced the other is out to destroy their business.

Ultimately, they must realize that finding the right person isn’t always a business affair; after all, love doesn’t take vacations.

Louisiana native Faith Ford began her career in NY as a model, following the success of becoming a finalist in a national TEEN magazine model search.

In another competition in New York, she had to prepare a commercial to present on a runway. Why model, when you can act and get real live reaction from people!Afterall, actresses went on auditions every day, right? This audition was for producer/writer Diane English, and the whole experience changed the life of this young actress.Faith walked into this room of strangers, and went through the required paces, and they all, including Diane, politely thanked her for her time. In true tight-moving southern white girl style, she kicked her shoes off and moved in a combination of dance steps like American Bandstand circa 1965, a beach scene from an Annette Funicello movie, and a Baptist prayer meeting.With every role, she began to make wonderful friends and glean an acting education that far superceded all of the classes in which she was constantly enrolled.For instance, on the backlot of the Webster set, Grammy award winning songwriter, Mac Davis taught Faith the very important talent of 'ham-boning'.Susan is determined to prove her personalized service does a better job than a computer program ever could.