Scorpios are not easy to date when they are down in the gutters. They need time to collect themselves, introspect, and explore some of the more sensual sides of things -- which doesn't automatically mean sex, but Scorpio is a sensual person and sex is something they crave. It can now chase after the heel rather than slither up to it.

When the Scorpio is in its Phoenix stage it can do anything and everything, taking on the life bearer, spreading creative flames in every direction, a complete and beautiful picture of euphoria.

The only problem is that if not staggered, the Scorpio will not stay in this stage and will flip to the bottom of the dark side again.

The other 11 zodiac signs think they're complicated, but they're not as complicated as the Scorpio.

He is the king of emotions, the most complex part of human intelligence.

This is a powerful person, but is often not raised properly to understand its massive range of emotional depth.

To the Scorpio who can veer to the dark side, the Satanic can be an emotional texture and not just a religious side thought.

Truth of the matter is that Scorpios are aggressive for life, for success, and for relationships.

They want to take romance, sex, and chemistry to bizarre amounts of depth.

Admittedly, I'm not sure if I put a lot of stock in the zodiac, horoscopes, or astrology.

The thing is ever since high school, I repeatedly keep attracting Scorpios.

I'm not sure why I keep attracting those born at the end of October and into November -- perhaps its kismet.