And you’re still not attracting the guy that has it all…

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Other profile issues include being negative, overtly sexual, self-deprecating, or too picky - our next potential reason.

I find that many women have become a tad too picky when it comes to their relationship expectations.

You may also have something in your profile that men find a turn-off; what I hear complained about the most is overly negative or condescending information, such as, "Don't contact me unless you have your *** together".

Try some of these suggestions if you're in need of help still: How to Write a Dating Profile.

Flirting is the more innocuous of the two, while hitting on is much more direct, with a specific outcome in mind.

When we flirt, the objective is to be playful and let the other person know that they caught our attention.

If money is a serious issue and thus why you are only using free dating sites, then try perusing the forums at Plenty of Fish for Ontario (or whatever area you are looking to meet new people).

Not only will you generate new discussion about dating-related topics, but you'll also be privy to a host of singles events posted by other users.

This recent change in online dating is unfortunate, yet far from unsurmountable.