Project Description Schematron Validator is a Biz Talk Pipeline Component that extends Biz Talk's XSD validation capabilities with a Schematron ( aware component capable of adding assertions over patterns found in XML documents. XMLValidator) that provides common XSD validation functionality to our solutions.

Biz Talk includes out-of-the-box a pipeline component (Microsoft. This component uses XSD schemas to validate incoming data streams according to the data contract specified therein.

Schematron is more appropriate to define constraints that deal with the structure and semantic of XML documents.

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All of us who have worked on EDI integration know the pain of maintaining the integrity of the EDI messages coming into the system, as well as the value of validating them right from the pipeline-gate.

To aid in this, Microsoft Biz Talk Server supports out of the box verification of structural integrity with extended schema validation settings.

Schematron enables us to define constraints over XML documents that XSD on its own is not able to.

Some examples of this constraints are: As constraints are expressed using XPath statements, one can add any constraint that can be expressed by using one or more XPath statements.

Read More › A project team recently asked me if they could use the Biz Talk BRE to validate incoming data.

I asked what sort of validation we were talking about, and it came down to four areas: Setting default values when the incoming…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some way to perform this kind of validation while inbounding these transactions and reject them in the generated ACK file?

That way, messages with invalid data would be filtered out in the same way as messages with structural faults.

It provides the features and framework necessary to use the out- of-the-box Biz Talk Business Rules Engine in an easy, user configurable way.