In a relationship it’s easy to let other areas of your life slip away and a break is a good time to re-build those areas.

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The point of it should be to figure out why certain problems are arising in the relationship and to decide if they’re fixable.

It’s also a good chance for both people in the relationship to focus on themselves for a bit.

Open water swimming is a passion of mine but finding somewhere for the children to swim in the sea in England is not easy.

Our local beaches shelve so gently it can be a job getting out of your depth while when on holiday in Cornwall, the pounding surf and ever-present lifeguards are a disincentive to the nervous novice.

Not only does online dating encourage a judgmental attitude – it requires it. Read more My single friends and I often joke about the advice we’re constantly given by our parents, our coupled-up friends and basically, anyone who hears yes, we’re ‘still single’ and yes, ‘still looking.’ The words of wisdom are never delivered with... Do women find guys who watch football more desirable?

Read more Even though I’ve been unwillingly single for most of mine, I’ve never hated Valentine’s Day. Co-workers may be receiving gifts at work, restaurants will be crowded with couples trying to make the night special, and to others it may as well just be another day. Read more As the Super Bowl is just days away (Go Falcons! Fortunately, our research scientists are just two floors down from me. Read more There is a literal pain that comes with the loss of a relationship: a sharp, palpable pain that most people feel at the point that their lower ribs connect.

While we opt for the traditional entry – jump, close eyes, hold nose – the Spanish youth launch into the sort of acrobatics that would have Tom Daley looking over his shoulder. A turn off for some, perhaps, but a perfect people-watching opportunity – well-heeled locals and the visiting French try to outdo one another in the chic stakes while a smattering of pasty-looking Northern Europeans struggle to change into their swimwear beneath precariously-gripped towels.

Emerging on roller-skates and on scooters they turn the narrow roads into a mini-Grand Prix circuit leaving the adults to head for the dozen or so restaurants and bars which line the front.

While seafood is the order of the day, our children make a beeline for a shopkeeper who every night opens a side window of his bookstore, sets up a hotplate and starts churning out crepes topped with lemon juice and sugar by the dozen.

Fares from London to Girona start at £172 standard class return.

Just ten minutes later and we are disembarking in Girona where we transfer to a bus for the last leg of a journey that ends with a winding descent into the crescent-shaped bay that is Tamariu.