View Pager associates each page with a key Object instead of working with Views directly.

This key is used to track and uniquely identify a given page independent of its position in the adapter.

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Stop Updating();begin// is Updating := False;end; Click cmb Clear ( 3.13).procedure TForm1.

Caption := ' '; Start Updating();end;end; Start Updating Stop Updating , . Start Updating();begin// is Updating := True;end;procedure TForm1.

A call to the Pager Adapter method This method may be called by the View Pager to obtain a title string to describe the specified page.

This method may return null indicating no title for this page.

So there you have it, Microsoft has publicly confirmed the bump in version number from 6.4 to 10.0.

In this morning’s Web roundup, Meerkat raises funding as it takes on Twitter’s Periscope in the live-streaming app market.

1Jesus, K., de Jesus, K., Medeiros, A., Fernandes, R.

Submitted for publication to Sports Biomechanics (accepted with minor revision). de Jesus, K., de Jesus, K., Abraldes, A., Medeiros, A., Fernandes, R.

Pullen did not give a date for when we can expect the change to be made but given that Redstone 2 is on the way that is the most likely date for release.