When Tara arrives, the only other persons attending are Mike and Sookie, who paid for the arrangements.The same day he is called to pick up a headless body found in the ditch.Mike (like most of Bon Temps) was often a victim of Maryann Forrester's influence.

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As a coroner, his sense of humor often had a macabre tone. After turning into a vampire, he seemed to possess little to no self control.

He demonstrated this when he spoke about his adoration of Sookie Stackhouse, but tried to feed from her at the same time.

Mike's thoughts during this scene upset Sookie so much that she had to go outside.

Next Mike was seen at the explosion of a house owned by a nest of vicious vampires (Malcolm, Diane Hardwicke and Liam).

His grasp of the material in his compound semiconductors class is poor, rendering him incapable of writing a comprehensible test.

In a class like 315 where the book is notoriously poor, you need better than Prof Spencer!

Played by American guest starring actor John Billingsley, Mike made his debut on the episode "", in the series' first season.

Playing a recurring role through the series' first, second, third, and fifth seasons, Mike fantasized about being with series' protagonist Sookie Stackhouse, and met an untimely demise in the Season 5 episode " Mike was a loner, although he could talk if the topic interested him, as seen in Bon Temps.

He was next seen at the murder of Dawn Green, with his assistant Neil Jones.

Mike's next appearance was at the murder of Sookie's grandmother, Adele Stackhouse.

Mike then screamed until Sookie "agreed" to have sex with him.