’The So-Called Outside Means Nothing to Me’ […] is a sentence as vague as is the sense of life of those who pronounce it. In these areas a production can surf marvellously well, fast-paced, gambling and intense.

The four women probably don’t know themselves what it means, and it is exactly with this uncertainty they must now cope.

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Text for One Person and Several Voices), a young woman draws up the following balance of her life up to now: then a member of a brutal girl gang, now peaceful yoga; then awkward smooching with boys in tent camps, now gender issues and the projects “sex” and “love” with men or women; then lofty ideals, now pragmatism.

Longing is something she knows mainly from films, the family a combine she assembles herself, while always the world is lurking outside, making demands and dictating images that are impossible to satisfy.

They are clever, well-educated and live in precarious circumstances because the umpteenth internship doesn’t pay anything.

They sell home-made drugs on the Internet, write fashion blogs and increase the market value of their bodies at the gym, even though they despise the market.

She has, it is said, founded a flat share with two companions, ‘my self-assembled family’, and nonchalantly declares what they have (or perhaps would like to have) chalked up to their credit.

Check it out: bloody nocturnal beatings of defenceless, smaller men and drug trafficking on the Internet along with studying marketing. This is the beat of the gutter remixed with theory-saturated intellectuality.But who would want to rate the two: the well-nigh youthful wrath of the poet and the aplomb of precocious years?[…] The Bergian revenge fantasies of the protagonist glitter with scurrility!And, finally, you must really take a look at the photo: at the actresses, who, despite fat suits under their clothes, give rather the mental impression of being as hard-hitting as boxers. This is Sibylle Berg […], who always wrests a smile even from the ridiculous. Es sagt mir nichts das sogenannte Draußen is a wild picaresque about the sense of life in the centrifuge of the affluent society.In its celebrative contradictoriness, Es sagt mir nichts das sogenannte Draußen is a screamingly funny evening. […] At times the text sounds like a column marathon, hyperbolic, in love with its own punchlines – but it sounds splendid. Ever since René Pollesch and Elfriede Jelinek, theatre people call this sort of thing ‘text areas’.I’m a 30 yrs old professional travelling in n out of Victoria. We can have an easy coffee first n we go from there if both happy. Hi Jen, I have already sent a message to you about traveling together in my Mustang convertible (which is red with a white interior—the colors of the Canadian flag).