Rodney does not deny it and soon enough he is caught up in a web of lies and doesn't know what to do.On 18 March 2010, Sue wants to go to the Grange Restaurant in the village despite Rodney wanting to hide his cover as the restaurant is owned by Eric (Chris Chittell) and Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick).

Sue asks some questions about his job, which catches him out.

Sue knows about the law and he doesn't which becomes apparent.

Robb) go and see Roz thinking that Holly is staying at her house again but Roz tells them that she has not heard from Holly.

When Holly later returns home, John calls Roz and asks her to come and see Holly to give her some emotional support to help her cure her drug addiction.

Moira overhears the argument whilst tending to Holly. Roz hides in the barn and waits for Moira to leave.

She then sneaks into the house to see Holly and attempts to speak to her.

This scene confirms the fact that Charlie is, in fact, a conman, and preys on lonely women for their cash.

Susan "Sue" Hastings was introduced as a love interest for Rodney Blackstock (Patrick Mower).

Holly is asleep and Roz realises that she has taken more heroin. Roz tries to convince Moira that Holly has taken more drugs but Moira dismisses her claims.