At school, she took the lead role in several plays, including Arthur: The Young Years and The Happy Prince.

Bonnie Wright, who starred alongside Grint as his on-screen sister Ginny, posted a photo of them together on Instagram, while Matthew Lewis [Neville Longbottom], Evanna Lynch [Luna Lovegood] and Katie Leung [Cho Chang] joined a panel to reminisce on their Hogwarts days.

BUT if u were to ask me i think they're just hiding it...u know.

Emma served as a creative advisor on the spring/summer line which was launched in February 2010. Emma's fellow Harry Potter's co-stars was also nominated Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley was second place, Evanna Lynch who play Luna Lovegood was third place, Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley was fifth place, Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy was fourteenth place, and Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter was eighteenth place in Portrait Magazine, Top 30 Under 30 2009 List.

In March 2010, Emma performed in Anton Chekov's Three Sisters.

The story goes that when Alfonso Cuarón joined the project the film’s director, he gave Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson an assignment of sorts. The three actors were still figuring out who their characters were, and details of their futures were up in the air.

They were instructed to write an essay on their characters Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. So Rupert never quite found the time to complete his assignment.Emma attended the Dragon School, an independent preparatory school until June 2003.She then transferred to Headington School, an independent girls' school.Also in June 2010, the man who had digitally altered photos to make a fake nude picture of Emma (in May 2010) pleaded gulity to 19 counts of indecent images including children. In March 2011 Emma's five piece organic clothing line with Alberta Ferretti debuted.In August 2010 Emma confirmed that she had gotten a hair cut, photos were also released. On November 4, 2011, Emma appeared as Lucy in My Week with Marilyn; alongside her Harry Potter co-stars Kenneth Branagh, Toby Jones, Zoë Wanamaker, and Geraldine Somerville.“I think [Cuarón] kind of appreciated that.” It sounds like Rupert had a pretty good handle on Ron after all.