Should finding a spouse be done with a clear purpose or to pass the time?Consider the effects on hearts when it comes to rejection and break upsis this really beneficial in the long run (Proverbs )? Friendship is a wonderful way to get to know people and for future spouses to be ‘matched’ perhaps this would be a better use of one’s pre-marital days!Let us not let this be acceptable let us teach our children a ‘hands off’ policy. They need to be careful not to treat them in ways that occur after a ‘break up’ quite challenging when our children are hopping from one relationship to another.

We are simply using terms to simplify our considerations.

Dating gained popularity over a thirty year period between the 1920’s and the 1950’s.

Courtship is often used to describe finding a spouse without mainstream dating that’s rather simple, really.

Anything more than that is to rely on man-made guidelines. There are many definitions for the term courtship one can get a plethora of how-to books written by most modern denominations.

Statistics show that if you’ve had a great love once you are more likely to find another after the loss of a spouse Why is that true? A husband and wife should have an amazing, fulfilling relationshipto include a wonderful physical relationship. God designed us to desire one another this way (Genesis ; Proverbs ).

Because it’s all about our foundation, our commitment, and yes it’s all about the love. Outside the marriage relationship this sexual intimacy is immoral.

However, as previously noted, the act of spouse finding is age old.

For centuries it included parental and family involvement, chaperoning, group activities or family activities, and little or no physical intimacy.

Most healthy young adults who are attracted to one another will have more than enough chemistry to cause one major explosion. There is a huge difference in our children looking at one another as brethren vs.