I am not sure which special character was the culprit.

The symptom prior to changing the password was that, during setup, the attempt to retrieve the list of accounts caused the connection to terminate without receiving any response (error or otherwise). E*Trade has another ABA number you might try as the bank Code 056073573, this Server URL is also mentioned https://.49/Data Feed API/ , also you could try a broker Id of "etrade.com".

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On March 10, 2014, I contacted Schwab Customer Service, and I was able to access my brokerage accounts again by changing the FID from 5104 to 8888.

-- Dkgibson (talk) , 11 March 2014 (UTC) OFX access may need to be enabled by visiting https://resources.chase.com/secure/Customer Customer Center / Reference Center / Tools / Activate Money, Quicken, etc. Works correctly with username and password used for logging into the web site, but only after changing the password to remove special characters.

Or self enroll in Quicken via the "Enrolling in Online Banking through Quicken Direct Connect" section at https://

There may be a $9.95 monthly charge for this convenience for consumer customers.

Attention, cela ne fonctionne manifestement plus depuis 2011.

The information listed here was verified to work for Bof A California.But the fee is waived for me because I have monthly direct deposit.Once enabled, you can download transactions for all the accounts that are linked in your online banking.This link says that E*Trade bank only supports Web Connect not OFX In the Aq Banking Wizard create your User with these settings: UCCU supports account download, at least through quicken.type=basic&fidetails=E*Trade Bank&qwid=qw1600&qmid=qm1600&qbid=qb1700&qbmid=qbm1700&country= Their FITID's are not unique for overlapping time ranges. I was not, however able to get it to work in Gnu Cash. (this worked with Gnu Cash 2.4.10) Set up the user as described here.https://ofx.Il suffit de paramétrer l'url du serveur OFX et de renseigner son n° de compte et son mot de passe.