Mozilla Firefox is the second-largest Web browser, holding approximately 20 percent of the Web browser market, according to market share data compiled by (December 2009).

Firefox has a user-friendly control interface and includes plenty of convenient features and keyboard shortcuts.

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For example, an auction website might refresh Web pages every few seconds to show updated bidding activity.

While some people may not care if websites reload pages automatically, others may disable this functionality by updating their browser settings.

After you install the extension, the Auto Refresh button will appear in the extension section.

Now open the page you want to reload automatically and click on the extension button. To integrate the feature in Firefox, download and install Auto Refresh add-on and restart your browser.

If your Firefox browser does not refresh Web pages automatically, you need to make a quick change to the browser's preferences. Type the following text into Firefox's Address bar and press "Enter": about:config Firefox opens a page containing the "I'll Be Careful, I Promise! Click that button to view the page that contains your Firefox preferences. Type the following text string into the "Search" text box: Accessibility.blockautorefresh When you do that, Firefox displays Accessibility.blockautorefresh in a table that contains a Value column.

The value in that column is "true" if Firefox prevents websites from refreshing Web pages automatically.

Sometimes, you may have a need to automatically refresh a web page.

You could be following a game score, or some news, or maybe you are awaiting results to get declared on your college website.

Use the System Information script to detect and update your browser plug-ins.

The following document covers the steps required to update your browser.

To update the Edge browser, you need to update Windows with the steps below.