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Reynolds argued that recent historians had been too ready to read back 11th- and 12th-century legal texts (which do use feudal) terminology onto a much more variated 9th- and 10th century society and had ended up creating a "feudal world" which simply did note exist, or which, at most, described small parts of France for short periods.

Most reviewers have found Reynold's arguments compelling.

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It is not clear if this near consensus among Medievalists ever really made it on to the larger stage of common culture, or even to other departments within a university (or even to non-medievalists within a history department)!

Building on work of Elizabeth Brown, the historian Susan Reynolds, in her Fiefs and Vassals, systematically attacked the basis of the professional medievalists' version of feudalism [although she did not tackle the older social and economic, or Marxist, model].

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