but then I stood up and said 'Zach, what was that?! ' He turned so red."3.) Some habits are hard to break Connie Britton had the entire audience cracking up after she called out her TV husband for accidentally addressing Scott Porter by his character's name, "Jason," during the press conference.4.) Mae Whitman is a "FNL" superfan During the press conference, the "Arrested Development" and "Parenthood" star was the first one to ask a question from the audience.

She then got a photo with Britton backstage and was even given a "Friday Night Lights" birthday cake!

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" I ask Kyle Chandler as I turn off my tape recorder.

It's half past three on the first Thursday of February, and we seem to have exhausted Chandler's enthusiasm for talking about himself.

Kyle famously played Coach Eric Taylor on the beloved drama, with Connie starring as his sassy wife Tami Taylor from 2006-2011 on the series. #Emmys #cleareyesfullhearts." Unfortunately, Chandler didn't take home the gold, as Rami Malek picked up the Outstanding Lead Actor In a Drama trophy for his work on "Mr. What do you think about Britton and Chandler's "FNL" reunion?

The "Nashville" actress shared a sweet snapshot of her and her former onscreen hubby via Instagram on Sunday. #Emmys #fnl #blurry," Britton captioned the cute candid ( The red-headed beauty likewise shared a sweet shout-out to the "Bloodline" star earlier in the day to celebrate his 51st birthday. Sound off below and check out the gallery above to see more fun photos from the 2016 Emmys after-parties!

He may be a softy, but the buff actor also revealed he seriously injured one of the crew members on accident.

"I broke the camera operators foot" he said, telling the crowd he hit her with a bench.

The actor was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for portraying John Rayburn on , which followed a fictional high school football team, had a five-season run on NBC and 101 Network from 2006 to 2011.

The cast had reunited at ATX Festival in the spring to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show's premiere.

According to Coach himself, Kyle Chandler, who was at the festival to promote his much-praised film Manchester by the Sea, a mini-FNL reunion took place when he ran into Jesse Plemons, who played Landry Clarke on the beloved show.

Plemons is in Sundance for his film Other People, a dramedy featuring the actor in a star-making lead role.

On the red carpet, he revealed that he's still in contact with several of his former co-stars, saying, "I keep in touch with my TV wife and [Taylor] Kitsch, and it’s great." That Friday Night Lights movie might never happen (still not over it), but it's a consolation to know that so many of the show's stars are still close years after the series went off the air.