She was angry that he had gotten sick, actually angry at him, and was punishing him.It was shocking and disturbing.'Tatlock told Oppenheimer that she had witnessed other instances of verbal abuse of Andy by Martha and had initially dismissed it as 'just Martha being mad at the world.However, he never arrived, claiming he had been prevented from leaving Nigeria because of an unpaid tax bill.

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'Upset and angry, Andy went to bed alone,' Oppenheimer wrote, 'while Martha went off with her new friend. How could you forget this or that."'Her manner with Andy became the source of much stress and anxiety and anger.

Long after midnight she returned, claiming they had gone to midnight mass at the cathedral.'According to close Stewart sources questioned by Oppenheimer, Martha treated Andy shabbily. She was constantly accusing him of being "dumb" or "stupid"...

A friend of Martha and Andy's was quoted in Just Desserts, saying 'They were having a huge argument and the subject of affairs came up in the context that it had been a two-way thing.

Martha asked Andy for details, but he was reluctant to tell her anything other than to say yes, he had done that, and so had she.'In one bizarre episode in the book, Martha was described as actually offering Andy as a sexual partner to her close friend and colleague, Norma Collier.

I never thought I would be taken in by something of this kind.

Of course there are people who will say, "How on earth did you fall for it?She came tearing out of the house, Andy was down on his knees working in the garden with his Walkman on, and Martha was standing at the top of the slope with her hands on her hips, shrieking, 'Andy! Martha was furious that Andy's illness had put a damper on the get-away.'Martha was really upset,' Tatlock said, 'because she was afraid Andy's illness was going to ruin her vacation...They exchanged messages and she even spoke several times on the phone to a man claiming to be her online date.He described his life in England, including details about his pets, children and past relationships.But even if they had I would have dismissed it because I trusted him.'Robin Longmore, a financial intelligence development officer for West Mercia Police, said he was unable to reveal how police knew Mrs Fowkes was being conned.