There are still many stupid people who want to use his fame and spread wrong news of him being dead to earn hits on their sites. He is still alive and his work is making other feel alive. He is not using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share his pictures and thoughts.It might be because his schedule is too hectic to spend times on those social networking sites. He has proven his worth with his each and every role in TV shows and movies. He was born in the year 1942 on 29th of July and this makes his age 73 at this time.

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Although never "connected," actor Tony Sirico had his share of run-ins with the law before packing the pistol away to play hoodlums in the movies.

While doing time in Sing Sing, he saw a traveling thespian troupe of ...

Other movies and TV shows he has shined in his career include the likes of Vig, Celebrity, Hoodlum, Goodfellas, Nicky Deuce, Family on Bard, Cosby and Chuck.

He is most popular for his work in a HBO TV series called The Sopranos and he was mind blowing in his role of Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri.

He has also acted in four Woody Allen movies, beginning with "Bullets Over Broadway" (1994).

In his own words, he's "done like 45 movies, played 40 gangsters and five crooked cops" (Daily News, February 7, 1999), a resume that eminently qualifies him for the unofficial group of New York actors called GAG--the Gangsters Actors Guild.

However, nothing is available about his personal life.

No information on his wife or girlfriend and children. He does not look gay but he might have been through the process of divorce in his life.

With a rocking net worth of million dollars, he is among one of the best paid actors in the world.

It is his passion and talent that made him this rich.

The roles he played in TV shows and movies have all been close to perfection.