Now people are trying to break ) What it was: The Hillside Drug Store, a 1950s pharmacy kind of like the one Marty Mc Fly's mom hung out in drinking sodas and thinking about making out with her son.

What it is now: Restoring the original fixtures and keeping all that bee-boppin' charm, the Hillside Farmacy has ditched the questionable cure-alls for upscale takes on diner classics like meatloaf sandwiches, plus fancier stuff like steak frites, quail, and other dishes that would really impress your Mom before you took her to prom.

Greenlining is seeking the support of other generous donors who can help us write-down our remaining debt.

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We’ve turned a semi-abandoned structure into a flourishing, energy-efficient nonprofit center built with local, minority-owned businesses.

This won’t be just another building with nonprofit offices, but rather an ecosystem that fosters collaboration among those who want to build equitable economic models that fight displacement.

From an old elementary school to a jail and an airplane, these 21 joints keep their historical roots while also keeping you fat and happy. Following a massive renovation, the place is now one of Boston's best luxury hotel complexes, and includes five upscale restaurants and bars, including Alibi, Catwalk, and CLINK.

) What it was: A wood mill specializing in wood shavings What it is now: One of the most popular music venues in Atlanta, it's an ideal place to fire back shots in the spooky, cavernous old building while catching some of the most badass bands rolling through the ATL (well, most badass mid-level-famous bands).

) What it was: A storage room in the basement of the Nabisco factory What it is now: Located underneath the famous Chelsea Market -- a two-block monolith of food, stores, and offices -- the Tippler's set up in a long, ornately columned space with an intense focus on cocktails and a crazy eye for historic detail, from replicates of classic paintings to a century-old freezer that makes sure your Negroni is extra cold, and would turn your Cheez-Its into Cheese Nips in seconds.

) What it was: "The world’s oldest and largest square rigged sailing vessel," built in Glasgow in 1904.

Being in the heart of Oakland is central to our vision.

Oakland, with its diverse population and innovative community leaders actively working to address the many problems we face, is where all these challenges and opportunities come together. For more information about Greenlining 360, how you can help, or to review the formal Greenlining 360 proposal, please contact Janine Macbeth or [email protected]

It carried coal and nitrate between Hamburg and Chile, voyaged to Australia, Asia, and Africa, and eventually docked in Philly. What it is now: One of Philly's best-known, and most recognizable, fine-dining spots, where you can climb aboard and feast on dishes inspired by the ship's travels, including sushi, stuffed chicken, and gnocchi. John the Baptist Church What it is now: While most church-based drinking is limited to watered-down communion wine, Church Brew has transformed this house of the holy into a full-blown brewery, pouring made-on-site suds like the Pious Monk Dunkel and Pipe Organ Pale, which you can sip while gazing at the stained-glass windows from pews converted into bar seats. ) What it was: The Northwestern Electric Company, which opened in 1931 to ensure that people could listen to their stories on that newfangled radio What it is now: A sports bar made upscale.