Dupree Lalgudi Ramnarayan Laurent Aries-Poinssot (France) Lawrence Dean Miller Lee Alan Shombert Leonard Samuelson Manyong Lee (Korea) Maria C. Landrus Michael Mc Graw Michael Peterson Microsoft Corporation Mike Garver Nihon Industrial Technology Center (Japan) Paolo Lamponi Paul D.

2000 Anonymous Donors at Linux World Expo San Jose, August 2000 Anonymous Donors at Toronto COMDEX, July 2000 Anonymous (many) Aristide S.

Guy Matz Neal Mc Burnett Net Fonds ASA (Norway) Nihon Sun User Group (Japan) Pace Willisson Paul Eggert Philip Sackinger Rick Lehrbaum Software Tool & Die Takeshi Ooshida and Yukiko Oikawa Terence O'Gorman (Ireland) T. Joseph Autozone Connecticut Free Unix Group David Hampton D. Alleman Anonymous Donors at GNU Distribution, Europe Anonymous Donors at Linux World Expo East, Feb.

Ignat Donald and Jill Knuth Hobby Computer Club (Netherlands) James Robinson Jeffrey A.

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I don’t know the immigration status of those students or their families.

Dwight and Angela carried on a secret office romance for a long time. We would like to thank the following donors of equipment and services: Global NAPs, for T1 Internet connectivity to the FSF offices IBM, for the loan of our main GNU Project mail server and the main Distribution Office computer VA Linux, for colocation services for gnuftp and gnudist Andover.net, Inc. - Open Source Business Division (Japan) Anonymous (several) ASL Workstations, Inc. Center for the Public Domain Dwight Johnson IDG World Expo James Van Artsdalen Japan Linux Association (Japan) Kyoto Micro Computer (Japan) Linux PPC, Inc. Moonlight Systems Perforce Software, on behalf of Doug Jeffreys Robert Young Stichting NLnet (Netherlands) Turbolinux, Inc. Dwight decided that the cat should be euthanized instead, and it died trying to escape from Angela's freezer after Dwight's unsuccessful attempt to mercy-kill it.This led Angela to break up with Dwight, unable to reconcile his actions with her feelings for Sprinkles.Dwight mourned the breakup greatly, often crying spontaneously and projecting his feelings about the break-up onto his work duties.