Recommend that you set a name first, and then you can select channels that apply to the category or person for which you name the list.

Note here: Free Preview channels currently on Dish Network can be viewed and added to a Channel List, but when the preview ends, there is currently a bug where you cannot remove a channel that you no longer are subscribed to see.

(Looking for a better picture graphic of the 922 that is also royalty-copyright free. The genesis of this guide is a desire expressed by many users that they would like to see an online guide that explains more about the 922 than what is currently available from Dish Network. First, Dish has built into the 922 an online version of help files, available from Menu 6th icon on the right, top row - 'Help,' which contains a fair amount of information.

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Fourth, there is the troubleshooting guide that Dish delivers with the 922 itself. If you put in the content, others will know how to format it.

And then there is the ad hoc environments of the various online 922 user or support groups. This effort is to draw together the best of what is available, and bring it all together in one updated online User Guide. It's currently under construction, and we welcome additional help in writing, formatting, editing, etc. Correct, concise content is what is important right now.

Make sure you are doing page up and page down actions on the TV2 remote, as that tends to cause multiple, seemingly unstopping paginations - just on a single button press of page up or page down.

One of the distinguishing features of the 922 is that is it "Sling-loaded", meaning that it is accessible over the web and over some mobile equipment apps.

We will cover the installation of a brand new unit for a brand-new Dish household, and if there are additional considerations for those who are replacing or adding to their already-in-use Dish receivers or other DVRS, then those can be added at the bottom of this section.

: You get 1/2 of the Terabyte for customer recordings, and Dish gets 1/2 of the Terabyte for its "Instant VOD" offerings, in case you want to take advantage of the movies that Dish will record from Satellite to DVR in the wee hours of the morning for per-movie fee.

Write up a list of locations and positions to test the full operation from the TV2 remote - and make sure you will go through the whole list with the installing technician "in-tow", so they can see where there is a problem.

In some far-reaching locations of the home, just pointing the TV2 remote up, or in a different angle, can result in successful remoting.

The theory Dish has is that many might want to take advantage of wanting fairly recent VOD offerings in High Def or 3D without having to wait for download times or without taking up internet bandwidth. If you are in an association, condo, or apartment, are there any rules about this?

This is the reason why you will see only 500MB available for your use. Normally, you would want to choose your primary television-watching location, which is also likely your best High Definition HDMI television set.

The adult should be prepared with answers from the list above, and should be ready to make quick decisions to answer technician questions and recommendations for all of the installation parameters, such as location of dish, cable runs, location of 922 and TV1, and TV2 locations.