Actually, Ronald Reagan was the last California governor to occupy the Governor's Mansion located at 1526 H Street in the Carmichael suburb - not covered here.But you can live like a movie star and/or politician in other Sactown hoods.

From the Gipper, to the Governator, to past and current Governor Moonbeam (and let us not forget Grey Davis, who had no nickname because he had two last names and was fired) Sacramento's nickname obsession is quirky.

But all these fine gentlemen would tell you that their fair city has decent public transportation and is somewhat closely knit, but not so much as to rid yourself of your automobile, especially if it's a Prius.

Where there's art buyers there's fancy restaurants and caf├ęs.

Where there's all of these things in one place, there's possibly bratty children.

The handy Point West neighborhood should handle that with the Arden Fair Mall (Apple Store), movie theaters, and name recognized dining and lodging.

1 BR apartments with nice but standard amenities are around 0, 2 BR for 5.

There is a large Asian community with roots from the gold rush that calls Midtown Sacramento home.

Lavender Heights, part of the bouquet of Midtown, is the city's largest gay and lesbian community. Uptown used to be called North Sacramento until North Sacramento became, well, uptown.

Downtown Sacramento is always buzzing with something - just think of all those politicians (largest state government in the country) vying to be the next one not on Twitter.