This is a land of huge granite outcrops and it is said that the Korat's colour helped it to blend in with the rock, and thus camouflage it from danger.

There are many myths and charming stories about Korats. All enhance the mystique of these beautiful, independent cats.

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Korats love to 'talk', they have a wide range of sounds and will always let you know what they are thinking when you come home.

Many owners will say, "You don't know what you've been missing until you have been owned by a Korat" Generally speaking the breed is of a gentle disposition, enjoys company, and is intelligent. They are very affectionate and normally fit into most households without problems.

Any one individual may be blue in appearance, but may carry the genes to produce Siamese or lilac.

It can be many generations before these genes reappear. In the US in 1965 the Korat Cat Fanciers Association was formed by a group of owners and breeders, with the objective of the development and protection of the Korat cat and to produce a standard of points.

COLOUR The coat colour should be very well tipped with silver. The coat should be free from patchiness or tabby markings. It is the graduation from root to tip that produces the required silvery sheen.

See Breed Profile This is a well proportioned cat without the extremes seen in some breeds and still true to its origins in Thailand.

The Korat is the 'good luck cat of Thailand' still associated with ceremonies to bring vital rain to the rice crop.

The cat is paraded round villages in the north east of the country and sprinkled with water to ensure the paddies are filled with water.

The Korat can be a very vocal cat, but this does not usually indicate aggression.