Merchant plays Stuart Pritchard, a nerdy, less-than-suave Englishman who comes to Los Angeles to reverse his lousy luck in love.

It’s not exactly an acting stretch for the self-deprecating, self-described “lonely, single” comic whose stand-up special of the same name chronicled his lack of game.

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🙂But in Eastern Europe, pretty much ALL the women are at least somewhat bangable – even the bottom half 50% of the population.

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Theres so much vested interest in America.” See video: Katy Perry Freaks Out Over ‘Ja’mie: Private School Girl’ Surprise Call This Sunday, Stuart gets mixed up with the wrong crowd as tries to blend in with a Long Beach crew.

Meanwhile his friend — and tenant — Jessica (Christine Woods) unsuccessfully attempts to define her relationship with friend-with-benefits Glenn (Sean Wing).

It does not go quite as she hoped, as viewers will see below. In his HBO show, “Hello Ladies,” Merchant capitalizes on that God-given talent — and body.If you don’t know Stephen Merchant by name, then you know him by IMDb page.Specifically, I mean women from cities like Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia and Krakow, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine. The lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of Eastern European girls are hotter and more attractive than the lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of American girls.The bottom half of American girls are generally fat and out of shape.But now that the show has been on the air for a few weeks, Merchant said he understands viewer investment in the characters, and only half-joked that he may have to tone down his dating shortcomings in a second season — if HBO will have him back, that is. Stuart’s a jerk, technically, but you can’t help but root for him.