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colloquy pops up a notice bubble when the channel is joined).

When I don't join that channel initially (with the other 7 channels), things seem to work better -- not sure if 100%, but I'll keep testing.

Yet changing the current style in the Toolbar for that channel window will force the application to re-draw the new messages. I've been thrilled with Colloquy but this behavior would force a switch to another app until resolved.

I'm going to ahead and test in a new user account to see if cache or plist data is the culprit. I do not use auto-join, but after connecting I join about 8 channels using the line: /join #chan1,#chan2,#chan3,... I saw this problem intermittently before, but as noted, the latest Safari beta seems to have made things worse. I've tried to track down what is causing this, and in my case, I have one channel I join which has a chanserv notice on join (ie.

In any case, the workaround is to keep leaving and joining until you can see your own text.

The attached patch causes _reset Display to be called when creating a new chat room style.

It doesn't seem to affect private messages in general only those received while the window is still rendering.

When it does happen is when I send a password to a bot on initial startup, I get a private success message back from it and can't see the message until I switch the styles on that chat. I'm on freenode most of the time with the nick 'Infininight', feel free to contact me.

I never had this as far as I can tell, but I got the same problem right after installing Safari 3.