Barely six months after his arrival, was Pastor James Mckeown taken ill with malaria fever.

A controversy broke out over his being taken to the European Hospital in Accra by an English District Commissioner.

The Lord also called his brother, William Jones Williams, as a prophet in the Body of Christ. Pastor Albert Seaborne came in 1946, followed by Pastor S. The Lord used him to steer the Church from the numerous court cases and usher her into an era of peace.

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This was followed by a MIGHTY VISITATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, which fell simultaneously on many parts of the world, during which many received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with signs following. Diaba and others invited The Apostolic Church from Cape Coast to establish the Church in Accra. His tenure saw growth in the Church as he introduced innovations to whip up expansion in the number of Districts and Areas.

As a result, there sprung up Pentecostal groups worldwide which also believed that the gifts of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers of Ephesians should operate in the church together with the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit spelt out in 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. The Church in Accra under the leadership of the late Pastor Anaman flourished so quickly that in 1948 the headquarters of the Church was transferred to Accra. His strong apostolic and prophetic ministrations were used by God to establish and affirm the doctrinal values of the Church.

With time, the Lord in a remarkable way brought many groups to link with the Church in Penygroes under the name of the Apostolic Church, and Ghana was no exception. Apostle John Annan Adotey successfully steered the Church through its 75th Anniversary celebration in 2010, and retired on 29th May 2011. Under the Administration of Abebrese the Church by the grace has grown in leaps and bounds.

The Gold Coast, now Ghana saw the emergence of Christians in the country who were seeking spiritual awakening in their hearts and lives. The number of Administrative Areas has increased from 36 in 2011 to 50 in 2014, with a commensurate increment in the numbers of Districts, Ministers and members.

Today, many religious communities of men and women, as well as an increasing number of groups of laypeople, live according to the spiritual tradition attributed to St. As Sisters of St Andrew we feel fully and spiritually at home in the Ignatian tradition while retaining at the same time our own specific identity.

Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus in the 16th century.

The Faith Tabernacle Church members who had joined The Apostolic Church still held in a fanatic way, the doctrine of divine healing.

During a Christmas convention at Asamankese, Pastor Mckeown’s belief in medication was questioned by Pastor Anim and some of the Elders.

The Spiritual Exercises shape our way of praying and progressing "in an intimate knowledge of the Lord" (Spiritual Exercises 104).