You can stream to any system using an Air Port Express; just connect its combination analog/optical audio jack to a device with the appropriate cable.

The (£79) Air Port Express also lets you extend a Wi-Fi network; but if you simply want a device to use Air Play, get the 3rd-generation Apple TV, which offers the same streaming options, as well as all the other features of that device.

Make sure to tick Enable Air Play/Air Tunes on the Music tab of Air Port Utility when setting up the Air Port Express, if you're using that device.

As far as setup, I just have a DSL internet connection and run Windows XP.

While I’m glad I got this all working, it was incredibly frustrating. Anyway, hopefully this will be useful to anyone else dealing with Airport issues.

The issues I experienced were experienced by many, many others, some of whom documented their resolutions which in turn got me closer to getting things working.

I’m writing this article to record my own resolution, paying it forward as it were. Among other things, I wanted to be able to stream music from i Tunes to other rooms in my home.

We get this message when we have connected both Mac OS X to the Air Play speaker (via the Volume option) and directly from i Tunes.

(You can connect Mac OS X directly to Air Play by holding Option and clicking the Volume icon in Menu bar, and then choosing the Air Play speaker.My experience with such devices has been mixed, and I think the problem is that these devices don't have adequate antennas to pick up Wi-Fi signals efficiently.In addition, some hi-fi separates may offer Air Play but not have integrated Wi-Fi.Since I don’t subscribe to a cable or satellite provider, I also wanted to eventually stream movies from my Netflix account to my TV.My Dell desktop computer is fairly recent, but it did not come with a wireless card.We'll look at a range of Air Play connection problems in Mac OS X, mac OS and i OS 10 review.